Adoption FAQs

  1. How does your adoption process work?

    Before you can adopt any animal you MUST complete an adoption application.

    We ask questions about your home, family, other pets, and your plans for your new dog/puppy. We also ask for references, including your veterinary if you have other animals at home.

    Please remember - we are not being nosy. Everything we do is to ensure that the animals in our care are protected and placed in a suitable home.

    Our questions are aimed at matching adopters with the most suitable dog/puppy. It is very stressful and upsetting for everyone when adoptions don’t work out and pets have to come back to us. We are trying to give them the best possible chance of finding a permanent home

    Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed and then we will contact you.

    You will be asked to sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. This fee covers spaying or neutering, veterinary care, deworming, vaccines, food, and other items your pet has received while in our care.

    If you think you are ready to adopt one of our animals please complete and submit our adoption form.

  2. What is your adoption fee for Puppies / Dogs? And what does it include?

    Our $325 adoption fee includes:

    • Health examination(s)
    • Spaying/Neutering
    • Wormings (age related)
    • Distemper Combo Vaccination (number of vaccinations will be related to age)
    • Rabies Vaccination (If older than 4 months when adopted)
    • Heartworm Disease Test (If older than 6 months when adopted)
    • Flea & Tick Treatment
    • Microchip and FREE registration through 24 Hour Pet Watch
  3. Why is your adoption fee so much higher than that of the SPCA?

    SophieDog Rescue is a small privately run rescue. We are funded by donations and our adoption fees. We do not get government funding. We are a no-kill rescue. We make a lifetime commitment to every dog that is accepted into our rescue. We keep each dog/puppy in a foster home for as long as it takes to find a forever home. We provide our foster parents with food and cover the costs of vet fees, medications, and any other necessities for the dog/puppy.

  4. I sent in my application a few days ago and have not heard back yet when can I expect an email?

    In most cases you will get an email within a day. If you have not heard from us within two days please resend your application, or feel free to email or call us.

  5. I see a dog on your website that I want to adopt, how can I meet it?

    The first step is to fill in an adoption application so that SophieDog Rescue can review your information and then contact you directly.

  6. Can’t I just talk to someone before filling in an application?

    SophieDog Rescue has made a commitment to ensure that the animals we place will be in their new home for life. This is why we ask that applicants complete an application form prior to speaking with an adoption coordinator.

  7. How long does it take from when I submit my application to being able to adopt?

    That depends. We are a small rescue organization. We try our best to respond in with a day. The more information you include in your adoption application, the faster we can approve you for adoption. The process can be completed within 24 hours, but may take several days.

  8. What forms of payment can you accept?

    The adoption fee is payable in cash or check only.
    PLEASE NOTE: There is a $25 dollar charge for bounced checks

  9. I can't find the dog/puppy I am looking for. Do you have more dogs available?

    We are glad you are looking to adopt a rescue dog/puppy rather than buying one. Please email us and tell us about yourself and the type of dog/puppy you are searching for. We have contacts with many shelters and rescue organizations and maybe able to help you find what you are looking for.